Located at our Florida location, is a newly installed Scrap Metal Recovery Oven (SMRO) that is capable of PCB Contaminated Equipment Disposal from 50-499 PPM PCB.  The SMRO processes contaminated material by a method of thermal destruction per Title 40 CFR Part 761.72.  The process is fully permitted under the regulations set forth by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Permitting, and Compliance Authority and USEPA Region 4.  The SMRO is equipped with primary and secondary chambers for material processing and incorporates a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to record regulatory compliance.

Em Trans Recycle Icon-1The disposal process is performed in a 7,500 square foot building that was specifically designed and engineered to eliminate any threat of PCB contamination to the outside environment.  The facility incorporates a system where all electrical equipment is received and dismantled inside and is stored with our multiple containment system.  The monolithically poured floor is underlined with a 10 mil plastic linerand is finished with two layers of epoxy coating.

Additionally, our Florida location is an USEPA Region 4 approved Commercial Storage Facility for the storage of PCB material requiring disposal.  The combination of these two regulated activities ensures the utility industry of a limited environmental footprint, thus eliminating long-term liability when considering the disposal method of PCB-Contaminated electrical equipment.