Transformer Parts

Through nearly 40 years of equipment repair and maintenance, we have established strong supply channels for both new and refurbished equipment parts and components. Our customers rely on our expertise to get the parts they need at reasonable prices through volume sourcing.

We have taken significant steps to expand our parts offering and availability. We recently added resources such as warehouse space and personnel, and we greatly expanded our stocked inventory of parts to insure the parts you need are available when you need them.



Our commitment is to get the parts you need to you as quickly as possible. Most stocked parts ship within 24 hours. For hard-to-find parts and components we will help you identify the part, and if we do not have them in our inventory we will work with our vendors to establish a source.

If you are interested in receiving our online catalog of parts, Please fill out contact form on the right, or on our contact page.

Product Offerings

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Our offering includes parts and components for Transformers, Reclosers, Voltage Regulators, and Substation Equipment. 

  • Transformers (1PH & 3PH): Gaskets, Tap Changers, Dual Voltage Switches, Hardware Kits, Primary & Secondary Bushings, Fusing, Arresters, Fluids, PRVs, etc.
  • Reclosers (1PH & 3PH): Gaskets, Coils, Contacts, Counters, Bushings, Hardware, Nameplates, etc.
  • Voltage Regulators: Gaskets, Contacts, Drain Valves, Capacitors, Hardware, PRVs, etc.
  • Substation Equipment: Qualitrol Sensors/Gauges/PRDs, Station Class Arresters