Emerald Transformer’s component companies are each leaders in their respective specialties, and together they form an integrated network that is able to efficiently and economically deliver comprehensive transformer services to customers nationwide.

Florida Transformer

The cornerstone of the Emerald Transformer family, Florida Transformer is a recognized leader in contract transformer refurbishment and the sale of refurbished equipment. The company’s full-service facility also provides electrical equipment testing, equipment repair, decommissioning, lab analysis, PCB disposal, and oil processing.

Transformer Decommissioning Inc.

Located in Southern Indiana, Transformer Decommissioning, Inc. provides electrical equipment testing, repair, decommissioning, and disposal for transformer units of all sizes. In addition, TDI has recently added oil processing to their on-site operations.

Environmental Management Systems

An industry expert in oil recycling, Environmental Management Systems processes millions of gallons of dielectric oil annually. With two locations in Phoenix, Arizona, the company also provides complete electrical equipment processing and recycling services.

Transformer Gaskets & Components

TGC uses volume buying to command low prices and keep large quantities of parts on hand in its own warehouses. This approach allows it to deliver very competitive prices to its customers, and also provide turnaround times that enable these customers to drastically reduce their own parts inventories.

4-Way Electric

4-Way Electric has a reputation in the industry for outstanding work in the rebuilding of transformers, reclosers, and regulators. Located in Greenwood, Mississippi, the firm serves a broad range of electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and power companies.

Garrett and Son, Inc.

Garrett and Son is based in Madison, Mississippi and is revered as one of the Southeast’s most advanced facilities for the repair, remanufacture, and decommissioning of electrical distribution equipment, with the resources to handle virtually any size and type of distribution equipment on the market today.