Leadership Team

Jessica Pennington

Director of Environmental, Health and Safety

Jessica Pennington is the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety at Emerald Transformer responsible for EH&S leadership and culture throughout the organization.  Jessica has been with Emerald Transformer for 10 years in various key environmental and safety positions, including Production Manager for the Environmental Regulated Services for all facilities.

Through various assignments, Jessica has participated in and led numerous environmental projects ranging from researching State and Regional Environmental Protection Agency Regulations to assisting with regulatory tests performed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and conducting internal and external environmental audits of facilities to ensure environmental compliance.  Jessica has conducted demonstrations of disposal technology to both State and Federal Regulatory Agencies.

Areas of supervision and compliance management have included Oil and Hazardous Materials handling, Stormwater Management, Spill Prevention, Air Resources and Management and Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Transport. 

Jessica is trained and certified in the following: visible emissions observation certification, aboveground storage tank regulations, globally harmonized hazard communication standard 2012, DOT hazardous materials, hazardous materials practitioner certification (CHMP) through the Institute of Hazardous Materials, OSHA 511.

Jessica is also a certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer through the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. 

Jessica received her bachelor’s degree in Conservation of Natural Resources (NRC) from the University of Florida in Milton.

"You and everyone at Emerald Transformer are a pleasure to work with and I value the partnership between our company and Emerald Transformer. I appreciate all the work you do for us."

– Midwest Investor-Owned Utility – Investment Recovery Manager