About Us

Emerald Transformer, headquartered in Defuniak Springs, Florida is a privately held company that employs over 275 associates across six locations.  Currently, our group consists of Florida Transformer (Florida), Transformer Decommissioning (Indiana), Environmental Management Systems (Arizona), Transformer Gaskets and Components (Mississippi), 4-Way Electric (Mississippi), and Garrett and Son Incorporated (Mississippi).

Emerald Transformer was formed from entities belonging to the Transformer/Utility Division of Versatile Processing Group. As both the Metals Division and Transformer/Utility Division continued to grow, it became necessary to re-organize and structure each division with its own management team and vision. This new structure has allowed all entities and locations of Emerald Transformer to synergize and create a leaner, more streamlined organization that can make quick decisions and take customer service to a new level.

Emerald Transformer continues to benefit from key advantages over our competition:

  • Emerald Transformer produces the highest quality repaired and refurbished equipment on the market.
    • Since the late 1970’s, we have continued to improve our quality standards and our customers will confirm there is not a better unit on the market when it comes to workmanship and the equipment’s life cycle.
  • Emerald Transformer is vertically integrated so your equipment can be handled “cradle-to-grave”.
    • From New Units and New Parts to PCB disposal to Oil Recycling to complete equipment Decommissioning, it all happens under our control.
  • Emerald Transformer also benefits from our close relationship with the Metals Division of Versatile Processing Group, one of the largest processors of non-ferrous metals in our Industry.
    • This enables our companies to benefit from commodity expertise on both the buying and selling side of non-ferrous metals, which in turn is passed on to our customers in the form of scrap value and lower material costs.