Oil Services


Emerald Transformer’s cradle-to-grave approach includes the proper handling and processing of dielectric fluid.

Emerald Transformer recycles millions of gallons of mineral oil dielectric fluid each year. We have the resources and expertise to fully recycle oil that comes from the equipment we service, or oil brought in from the field using our large fleet of tanker trucks.

Oil received with PCB levels above 1 part per million will go through our PCB removal process before the oil continues through the re-refining process. The oil is filtered, degassed, and dewatered to remove sediment, excess water and gasses, allowing it to be amenable to processing. In-line testing equipment allows our personnel to closely monitor the purification process to ensure that the oil reaches our quality standards. Once the oil processing is complete, confirmation analysis is conducted to confirm the oil can be recycled as a base oil for dielectric and other industrial applications.

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I heard from the field that Emerald did a great job...We really appreciate your flexibility to accommodate the extra loads over the past two weeks and the sampling techs.

– West Coast Investor Owned Utility – Hazardous Waste Manager