Over our four decades in business, Emerald Transformer has strived to set an industry example when it comes to environmental consciousness and friendliness. Our transformer recycling program follows all regulations put in place by the EPA to ensure the safe transport, testing, and disposal of potentially contaminated transformers. It’s our goal to reduce our environmental footprint as substantially as possible and lessen the amount of wasteful material making its way into our nation’s landfills.

Our PCB recycling services are a big part of that. We guide our customers through the entire process, preparing transport for out-of-service transformers and supervising their safe arrival at our facilities. There they are tested for PCB content and then sent through the remainder of the disposal process. Our oil recycling capabilities can turn used oil inside a transformer into a reusable substance, minimizing the need to dispose of hazardous materials.

Emerald Transformer is dedicated to continuing our environmentally-friendly efforts, and we invite customers to contact us with any questions about our practices and procedures. Reach out today to learn more.

Since 2012, we have saved $1.1 MM by repairing transformers rather than purchasing new transformers.

– Southeast Electric Cooperative