PCB Disposal


Emerald Transformer operates five fully approved and permitted PCB Commercial Storage Facilities in DeFuniak Springs, Florida; Twinsburg, Ohio; Tucker, Georgia; Coffeyville, Kansas; and Los Angeles, California. The facility approvals to commercially store Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) waste specifically reference and outline the parameters which are set forth in 40 CFR 761.65 - PCB Storage for Disposal. In order to remain compliant, all Emerald facilities must adhere to the specific conditions of a commercial storage facility.

Our practices to ensure the safe handling and disposal of these materials include facility security, limited facility access during non-working hours, annual PCB and spill prevention training, emergency response plan training and awareness, daily/weekly PCB storage area inspections, PCB records retention, and facility closure plan maintenance, among others.

In addition, two Emerald facilities operate Scrap Metal Recovery Ovens (SMRO) that process PCB contaminated equipment between 50-499 parts per million. The SMRO processes contaminated material by a method of thermal destruction per Title 40 CFR Part 761.72. This process is fully permitted under the regulations set forth by all state and federal EPA agencies. All SMROs are equipped with primary and secondary chambers for material processing and incorporate a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to record regulatory compliance.

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