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We have an extensive inventory of refurbished transformers and electrical equipment, including polemount and padmount transformers, voltage regulators, and reclosers. All of these are refurbished to like-new condition by our expert technicians, and all come with our industry-leading three-year warranty.


We use our established supply channels to procure both new and refurbished parts for our customers at very competitive prices. We ship parts from our own warehouse and can fulfill most orders within 24 hours. Additionally, our expert repair and refurbishment specialists can help customers identify and track down hard-to-find parts. If we don’t have a component in stock, we will work with our partners to quickly acquire it for you.


Transformer Repair from the Pros

We have facilities to meet the needs of companies in every region of the country, and we are equipped to handle a full line of services during every step of a transformer’s life cycle. We deliver the highest quality workmanship and parts, and our repair specialists ensure your reconditioned transformer is like new again.

Recycling and Repurposing

Emerald Transformer gives new life to old parts. We process over 300,000 units every year and have been able to recycle 98% of them. Using our in-house equipment, we shear, bake, and chop windings to increase the value of leftover materials. We also work directly with metal processing experts to extract additional value from recycled materials and continue to search for additional product streams to benefit our customers and reduce waste.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal Services

When your transformer finally reaches its end of life, proper disposal is critical, and Emerald Transformer provides PCB disposal in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. If you have equipment, either untested or with known PCB-contamination, our certified HazMat drivers can pick it up and transport it to one of our commercial storage locations, all EPA-permitted. There, your equipment will be cataloged and prepared for testing and disposal.

Keeping Your Oil at Top Spec

When we say we handle every aspect of a transformer’s life, we mean it. That includes the oil required for transformers, which is processed in our own facilities to ensure it meets strict specifications. We’re also able to recycle used oil and repurpose it for other downstream applications.

In addition to our processing capabilities, Emerald Transformer also provides transformer oil testing. If you want to be certain the oil you’re using meets recommended specifications, we can perform lab analysis in either five business days or 24 hours, depending on your company’s needs.

In-Field Technical Services

We do it all – at your location. Call us to check, test, and repair your transformers, bushings, load and no-load tap changers, radiators, reclosers, breakers, switches, controls, regulators, and other station equipment. We also specialize in field repair of transformer leaks, oil retrofills, gauge replacements, and infrared equipment scanning to identify potential failures before they happen.

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I heard from the field that Emerald did a great job...We really appreciate your flexibility to accommodate the extra loads over the past two weeks and the sampling techs.

– West Coast Investor Owned Utility – Hazardous Waste Manager