Oil Operations

All oil is brought to our facilities for processing.  Customers are required to provide a PCB analysis for all dielectric oil shipments prior to scheduling a pick up.  z9EAx5tq2wxXPRp0x2u1kY_wgNBAELZpO47pJR03JOU

Oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM PCB’s will be directed to the PCB-removal operation of the processing plant.  This oil will be processed through our specialized PCB-removal operation.  This is a highly sensitive operation that requires the oil to be completely free of water and particulate matter prior to being initiated.  Therefore, the dielectric oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM PCB’s will undergo additional testing and processing to further purify the oil prior to the PCB-removal.

In addition to recycling and reintroducing dielectric oil as lubricants and base oils, we are able to reintroduce many of the dielectric oils back into the electrical utility industry as reprocessed transformer oil.  The oil is filtered, degassed, and dewatered to return it to a proper specification.  In-line testing equipment allows our personnel to closely monitor the purification process to ensure that the oil has reached purification standards.  Once the oil recycling process is complete, an additional sample is taken and then an outside testing laboratory tests and certifies that the oil is ready to be reintroduced as a dielectric fluid.  We are ready to assist you with creating an environmentally-conscious solution for your oil-recycling needs.