Global supplier of electric equipment turns to the leading service company in the U.S.

Bolingbrook, Illinois, September 4, 2019 –G&W Electric Co., a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, has come to an agreement with Emerald Transformer to serve as an Authorized Service Provider to deliver both warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance and repair field services.

Emerald Transformer has been fully certified to provide services on both of G&W’s Viper-S and Viper-ST reclosers throughout the Southeastern United States including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

“Together, we look forward to having an industry-leading company like Emerald Transformer to provide tremendous service to our customers in the Southeastern region,” said John Mueller, Chairman and Owner of G&W Electric. “Our collaboration with Emerald Transformer will allow us to better serve our customers while we continue to expand into new markets and territories.”

“Emerald Transformer remains committed to be the industry-leader in repair and maintenance for transformers and other electrical equipment,” said Stuart Prior, CEO of Emerald Transformer. “We are thrilled to be selected as an Authorized Service Provider for a company like G&W Electric who is a long-standing manufacturer of new engineering technologies.  We look forward to supporting their customers and equipment for years to come.”

Built from a core group of industry-leading transformer repair companies, Emerald Transformer delivers unmatched service and quality to utility and industrial customers. As the largest transformer service company in the country, Emerald Transformer offers a broad range of services for every utility and industrial customer, regardless of size or location. In addition to numerous sales offices, factory locations are in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Arizona and California. Emerald Transformer can serve a rapidly growing customer base and support many of the largest electric utilities and commercial customers in North America. 

About G&W Electric

Since 1905, G&W Electric has helped power the world with innovative power grid solutions and products. With the introduction of the first disconnectable cable terminating device in the early 1900s, G&W Electric began to build a reputation for innovative engineered solutions to meet the needs of systems designers. With an ever-present commitment to customer satisfaction, G&W Electric enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality products and superior service. For more information on G&W Electric visit www.gwelec.com. Follow G&W Electric on Twitter@GW_Electric and on LinkedIn at G&W Electric Co.

“We are thrilled to be selected as an Authorized Service Provider for a leading OEM manufacturer like G&W. G&W is a long-standing manufacturer of new engineering technologies and we look forward to supporting their customers and equipment for years to come.”

– Stuart Prior, CEO