Transformer Repair

Emerald Transformer’s transformer repair facility offers a premier repair and equipment solutions.  Only the best materials are used in all of our units to insure you receive quality equipment that you can count on.  Many of our competitors that offer similar services use inferior materials that lower the life expectancy of the unit.  Let’s face it…you need a good unit, not a cheap unit.

Quality transformer repair you can rely on!

We are experienced in all types of distribution and small power transformer repairs.  We provide our customers with a full service pick-up and delivery, as well as customized handling solutions.

Equipment repairs include single-phase and three-phase transformers, regulators, reclosers, control panels, and other ancillary equipment.

Transformer Repair Service Levels: Service Levels are typically decided upon after your units have reached the facility, been checked in, tested, and are ready to be repaired.  All units we receive are fully tested and given fresh paint before leaving our facility.

  • Minor Transformer Check and Repair
    • When the transformer coil is dry and in good condition, this is the service that is recommended. Only defective parts are repaired and replaced.
  • Transformer Recondition
    • When moisture has entered the transformer, a ‘bake-out’ is required to extend transformer life. This service accomplishes this and provides all the benefits of a minor check and repair.
  • Transformer Rewind
    • If a coil is no longer fit for service, a Rewind is necessary. With this service a brand new COPPER coil is built to match your existing core steel and tank, saving you money over a new unit.