Emerald Transformer has decades of experience repairing and remanufacturing single-phase or three-phase polemount or padmount transformers.

Our typical transformer repair services fall into three tiers:

  • Minor Transformer Check and Repair – We recommend this service when the transformer coil is dry and in good condition. In this tier, only defective parts are repaired and replaced.
  • Transformer Recondition – When moisture has entered the transformer, a bake out is required to extend transformer life. This service accomplishes this task and provides all the benefits of a minor check and repair.
  • Transformer Rewind – If a coil is worn and no longer fit for service, a rewind becomes necessary. With this service, a new coil is built to match your existing steel core and tank, saving you money compared to the cost of a new unit. Emerald Transformer prefers winding transformers with copper wire to promote efficiency and a longer life expectancy. We also have the ability, however, to use an aluminum conductor as a lower-cost alternative.

We can also provide critical preventative maintenance to help avoid catastrophic transformer failures. Our transformer maintenance service provides a regular check-up for your equipment, ensuring that your transformers are functioning properly. As part of this preventative maintenance, Emerald Transformer can provide analytical reports indicating future potential failures, including Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA). By identifying failures before they happen, you can save substantial money over time and prevent interruptions in the services you provide to your customers.

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I would like to thank Emerald for your assistance with the recent equipment recycling effort... We have disposed of three power transformers and thousands of gallons of oil...I also want to express my appreciation for your field service crew. The crew has been on property the last two weeks removing transformers from substations. The work was completed in a safe, timely and professional manner. Your crews have been on property for prior recycling efforts and I am always pleased with their efforts. I look forward to working with you to remove the remainder of the equipment by the end of the year.

– Midwest Investor-Owned Utility Manager