Benefits of FR3 Oil vs Mineral Oil

Benefits of FR3 Oil vs Mineral Oil

Low Cost With High Return

When was the last time you assessed your current transformer oil’s status? Did you know that compared to mineral oil, FR3 oil will help protect your transformer’s insulating paper up to 8 times longer than mineral oil at the same operating temperature?

Your transformer operates at high temperatures – so this capability when utilizing FR3 oil will enable you to see up to a 20% increased loadability.

When using FR3 oil, a natural ester derived from renewal vegetable oils, you are providing:

  • Improved Fire Safety: FR3 Oil is 2 times greater than the flash and fire point of mineral oil
  • Transformer Life and Loadibility: FR3 oil helps to draw out retained moisture and absorb water driven off by aging paper.
  • Environmental Benefits: FR3 Oil reduces its carbon footprint up by producing 56 times less carbon emissions than mineral oil.

The environmental benefits that you gain with utilizing FR3 oil are far greater to mineral oil and unsurpassed by any other dielectric coolant on the market.

It is a new year – your transformers deserve an upgrade! Help improve your transformer’s reliability and performance by upgrading from mineral oil to FR3 oil – the cost is low but the value is high. Click here to learn more about Emerald Transformer’s oil services.

If you are ready to begin utilizing FR3 oil – call one of our Emerald Transformer industry experts today at 800.908.8800.

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