Refurbished Transformers – Delivering More Than Just A Reduced Price

Refurbished transformers and other electrical equipment offer benefits far beyond a lower initial acquisition cost. They also offer increased availability and flexibility, as well as being more reliable and serviceable than their new counterparts.

Refurbished transformers also have obvious sustainability benefits, reducing waste and minimizing resource usage.

Lower Cost for an As-New Product

A refurbished transformer can offer a 30-70% initial cost savings over new equipment. When it comes from a leading supplier of refurbished transformers, it will be in like-new condition, with all worn parts and oil replaced. It may also be backed by a more extensive warranty than a comparable new unit. Emerald Transformer’s refurbished units, for example, include an industry-leading three-year warranty period that outpaces most OEM coverage.

Reduced Ongoing Cost and Ancillary Expenses

In addition to a lower initial acquisition cost, using a like-new refurbished transformer instead of a new model can reduce the need for new poles, cement pads, or vaults at the time of installation, as new equipment is larger and heavier than ever before.

Readily Available

Unlike new transformers, which can take 3-6 months to fabricate and deliver, a wide variety of refurbished transformers are readily available in common voltages. This availability allows you to get a replacement transformer up and running faster, with minimum downtime. Refurbished transformers can also be customized quickly for specific applications.

Increased Operational Flexibility

The wider availability of refurbished transformers can also lessen the need to keep spare transformers on hand. This simplifies Transformer Asset Management (TAM) and reduces the amount of capital tied up in replacement inventory.

More Sustainable

Deploying a refurbished transformer is an excellent way to minimize waste and reuse valuable resources. Refurbishing a transformer is more efficient than recycling its component materials and also reduces the demand for energy and materials needed to manufacture new transformers from scratch.

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