Maintenance Audits – Identifying Key Components of Equipment

What is a Maintenance Audit?

A maintenance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s equipment inventory, maintenance and repair processes, in-house facilities, and procurement procedures.

A qualified firm performing a maintenance audit will consider the following issues of equipment during the review process:


  1. What equipment in the utility’s inventory is known to have regular maintenance or reliability issues?
  2. What equipment is nearing the end of its expected life?
  3. Could the inventory be streamlined with the removal of surplus or otherwise unneeded equipment?
  4. Are there opportunities to extend the life of some components with modifications or retrofits?
  5. Could the addition or more effective use of accessories (IFDs, wildlife protection, secondary arresters, etc.) enhance system performance or safety?

Emerald Transformer’s Maintenance Audit Services

Emerald Transformer’s experience across the full spectrum of maintenance services makes us uniquely qualified to produce comprehensive, actionable maintenance audits.

When the audit is complete, we’re also well-suited to providing all of the services and equipment you need to successfully implement its recommendations. We maintain one of the nation’s largest inventories of refurbished transformers and other electrical equipment, offer an industry-leading three-year warranty, and provide maintenance and repair services from a network of eight locations around the country.

Our services in the field include the maintenance and repair of reclosers, oil circuit breakers, SF6 breakers and circuit switches, controls, regulators, and other station equipment. Our technicians regularly handle transformer leaks, bushing replacement, fuse replacement, oil retrofills, radiator repair, and gauge replacements, as well as providing complete decommissioning services.

Contact Emerald Transformer at to talk about how a maintenance audit can help you improve operational efficiencies, extend the life of your current equipment, and save money.

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