Keep Your Cool – Working Safely in Extreme Heat

It is important when you work outdoor as an electrical lineman, in a confined warehouse, or driving trucks long distances to take the precautions to protect yourself from heat-related incidents.

  • Stay Hydrated
    Whether you are thirsty or not, make sure you drink plenty of water. It is best practice to drink one cup of water ever 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid caffeine or drinks that contain a lot of sugar – they can dehydrate you quickly.
  • Wear Proper PPE
    Wear appropriate light weight and loose-fitting clothing, and sunglasses and/or wide-brim hat for sun protection. Apply sunscreen as need when working outdoors.
  • Acclimate
    When seasons change, it takes the body time to adjust to working in extreme heat. Work with your supervisor to gradually increase your work load and heat exposure for maximum efficiency.
  • Sun Shielding
    Ensure when working outdoors you are properly shielded from the sun. You can use buildings, trees, or even umbrellas, when appropriate, to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Even on a cloudy day you can experience sunburns.
  • Project Schedule
    Avoid the sun and strenuous tasks when the sun is at its highest point during the day. This will help protect yourself from heat-related illnesses.
  • Take A Break
    Make sure you are taking your proper breaks to cool off, so you do not over-exert yourself. This will help you be more productive throughout the day.
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