Leadership Team

Rodrieck Mitchell

Corporate Safety Manager

Rodrieck Mitchell serves as one of the Corporate Safety Managers at Emerald Transformer, where he oversees safety management for his designated geographic area, aligning with the organization's safety goals and priorities. He collaborates with general managers, plant managers, and team members to develop both short and long-term strategies aimed at fostering a robust safety culture.

In his role, Rodrieck provides proactive leadership over safety systems and activities, ensuring regulatory compliance and offering comprehensive training and professional development for team members, support staff, and management. His dedication is evident through regular audits, inspections, and meticulous monitoring of metrics and trends, all focused on enhancing transportation safety processes.

With over 15 years of leadership experience in various companies, Rodrieck has a strong background as a Safety Manager and Director of Operations. He holds a BA in Business from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

In his spare time, Rodrieck enjoys traveling with his family and friends. He and his wife, despite rooting for different football teams, enjoy the football season together.

Since 2012, we have saved $1.1 MM by repairing transformers rather than purchasing new transformers.

– Southeast Electric Cooperative