At Emerald Transformer, the services we provide to our customers, along with the parts we use, are guaranteed to be free of flaws and defects in workmanship and materials. This includes installation services, routine transformer maintenance services, transformer repair services, refurbished units we sell, and other parts and components we carry from industry manufacturers.

Our industry-leading five-year warranty period outpaces many OEM warranties. Emerald can also extend the lifespan of your current stock by adding warranty services to equipment that has recently come out of its original guaranteed performance period.

In addition to a lengthy warranty, we offer a hassle-free warranty service.  One call and service is scheduled, ask your Emerald contact for details.

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Thanks to all of you for what you do, we learned through COVID that we are much more interconnected than we ever dreamed. We need each other more than we want to admit. Keeping the lights on is more than just lineman, substations, and generating plants. It takes all of us and all of you. Congratulations on your awards and an “attaboy” to Emerald for taking the time to do so.

– Coop Manager of Engineering and Technical Services