We recruit people with heart

When Emerald Transformer hires someone, we aren’t just bringing a new employee on board: we’re adding a member to our family. This means we take our time to make sure we’re surrounding ourselves with those who share our core values and our devotion to quality, dependability, and environmental consciousness. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our Emerald family, and we’re thankful for each person who’s chosen to be a part of our journey as a company.

Positioned to always be on top

We’ve surrounded ourselves with a passionate team determined to reach that same goal. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and every day, we’re looking for new and more innovative ways to provide better service to our customers and grow our business.

We see our responsibility to the environment as non-negotiable

Our experience has proven that thinking “green” not only drives new business, but also fulfills our obligation to the environment. This is why we conduct regular environmental audits of our facility to make sure nothing in our process harms the environment and to encourage proactive thought to keep us ahead of the curve. In addition, we will encourage and expect the same high levels of environmental performance from all of our business partners and suppliers to ensure we do not contribute to any environmental negligence.  

Our team at Emerald Transformer is devoted to reducing our environmental footprint as a business, and we hope to push others in our industry to do the same.

"First I want to thank Emerald Transformer for the level of service provided to our utility. You are always responsive to our questions/concerns. Your technician took extra efforts to verify the integrity of this unit."

– Large Florida Cooperative – Environmental Project Supervisor